Life has it's problems. Aging, sickness, independent and assisted housing or the need for skilled nursing care are elderly problems. Known problems should be addressed before they turn into a crisis. Our law firm can assist you in solving a problem before it becomes a crisis.

Our Law Firms Services: ADVANCES DIRECTIVES are legal documents that allow you to declare your instructions in the event you become incapacitated.

  • Power of Attorney for Finance - A durable Power of Attorney for finance authorizes the person you name to handle your financial affairs when you are incapable of doing so.
  • Power of Attorney for Health Care - A medical Power of Attorney for health care authorizes the person you name to make health care decisions for in the event you are unable to make them.
  • Living Will - The document clearly expresses to your doctors and others your wishes regarding the use of life-sustaining medical procedures when your doctors have determined that death is imminent.

CAREGIVER AGREEMENTS - A legal document between family members for money payments to family members for care services in the parents or children's home.

SPECIAL NEEDS TRUSTS - Trust established for the care of of disabled family members to protect government benefit programs such as SSI, Social Security disability and Medicaid payments.

MEDICAID PLANNING - Planning for skilled nursing home assistance from the State and Federal government. The application process is labor-intensive requiring five (5) years of financial and other supporting documentation.

VETERANS BENEFITS - "Aid and Attendance" is a VA benefit for non-service connected disability due to old age and needing assistance with activities of daily living, bathing, dressing, grooming, etc. This benefit can subsidize home care and assisted living cost. Our firm offers free eligibility screening.

REAL ESTATE - Assistance in transferring property to family or a trust.

LEGAL REVIEW - Nursing home admission agreements, home care company contracts, assisted living agreements.

SIMPLE WILLS OR LIVING TRUSTS AS A WILL SUBSTITUTE GUARDIANSHIP - Used when a known problem has turned into a crisis that required expensive legal assistance and Court intervention because there is no Power of Attorney.

PET TRUST - Used to protect your non human family members when caregiver is incapacitated or disabled.

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